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twangCORP is a private guitar, instrument and equipment sales website. It comprises my own surplus gear, plus that of friends and musical associates, and was put together to avoid the fickleness and fees of auction sites.

twangCORP sits somewhere in the twisted back lanes of the internet, out of reach of many search engines, but this hasn't prevented serious explorers from finding us. After a break to replenish the spaces, we re-opened the website in 2017, and have taken the opportunity to link it with Reverb to hopefully reach a wider customer base, while still offering a professional service to fellow musicians.


We specialise in pre-owned professional quality guitars from USA, Europe, UK, Japan and Korea (all sourced from private collections), but seldom the usual suspects! The guitars and equipment here will not only cut the mustard musically but should also prove resilient acquisitions financially. A good guitar will always be a good guitar, and time should not diminish that quality if looked after. Professional instruments need not cost an arm and a leg (or come from the USA) to provide quality, playability and investment value.

Each instrument is checked, graded, photographed and described. Further pics or details available pre-sale to anyone interested. Some guitars have been cupboard sleepers, some specialist studio tools, some travelling / gigging workers; and each one has much to commend it to discerning purchasers. The twangCORP sales rooms rarely offers the same model twice, so please be aware once it's gone, it's gone...

twangCORP does business the old fashioned way, so the website is merely for information. Further detailed descriptions, sales negotiations and post sale communication is direct via email or phone. Skype is also possible. Payment is (preferably) directly via BACS, cash, cheque or PayPal (which is ideal for first time customers or overseas buyers).

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ASATbodywebloThe Plank Room is devoted to solid body guitars and tends to feature Telecasters (tm) of all varieties, origins and prices. It also features semi-solid, chambered body, solid bodies & hybrids.

Synchro-artbody-webloThe Box Room is devoted to predominantly hollow guitars (electric and acoustic) including acoustic archtops, semi-acoustics and jazz guitars. It also includes other acoustic guitars with flat tops and resonators.

Valve-sq-invert-webloThe Gizmo Cupboard contains amplifiers, pedals, recording gear and assorted ancillary gear (including recording equipment) that is no longer required, or has been put safely to one side and forgotten about.

Many of the guitars & items featured are special in some way, whether rare or discontinued or custom built, and not generally available off the shelf. If you wish to view before committing (always the best way), I am only too happy to arrange a viewing and brew up a coffee here in North Somerset.


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We sincerely hope that more easily obtained exemptions on private sales of pre-CITES instruments (as are being proposed) will be agreed soon. The current process of obtaining of CITES certification is convoluted, laborious and expensive. It amounts to a retrospectively levied charge on instruments that were legally produced by their makers and legally obtained by their current owners. This is not only inequitable, but unless we are talking about expensive vintage gear the additional charge for CITES certification (upward of £100) is wholly disproportionate to the value of the vast majority of the guitars it applies to.



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