First Batch of 2017

We have uploaded the first new batch of guitars onto the website this evening, including a Gibson BB King Custom Shop, a ToneSmith 320 deluxe, a Gretsch G5622T, 3 rare (and desirable) 1st reissue Korean made Danelectros and a couple of superb Peerless Retromatics.

For more info or detailed pics don't hesitate to compact twangCORP on the link given.

about twangCORP

twangCORP sales rooms is a private guitar, instrument and equipment sales website. It comprises my own surplus gear, plus that of friends and musical associates, and was put together to avoid the fickleness and fees of auction sites.

twangCORP sits somewhere in the twisted back lanes of the internet, out of reach of most search engines, but this doesn't seem to prevent serious explorers from stumbling across us. This is not a commercial venture (which is just as well), but twangCORP still offers a full professional service.

Unfortunately twangCORP currently only sells to EU customers (due to new CITES rules).

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Business is conducted the old fashioned way, the guiding principle being
in all dealings treat folks as you would wish to be treated.

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the sales rooms & advance listings

twangCORP sales rooms (updated 29th March 2017)

For archtop jazz boxes (hollow, acoustic, thinlines and semi-acoustics). Scheduled but as yet unlisted Jazz Boxes.

For guitars of a mainly solid body persuasion. It generally errs towards 'Telecaster' (tm) style guitars - but not always. Scheduled but as yet unlisted Planks.

Amplifiers and the other sonic gadgets to plug into,
Scheduled but as yet unlisted Gizmos.


I am pleased to announce after a protracted search to find a reliable single point of contact service ensuring all instruments (even ones over £1000) can be sent with genuine full insurance cover (even for damage) to all destinations worldwide that I have signed up with: transglobal-express-logo-web2

Deliveries in the UK will probably be via UPS (depending on carton size), while European shipments will be with either FedEx, UPS or DHL, depending who offers the best deal at the time.

NOTE: because of the uncertainty surrounding CITES regulations since 2nd January 2017 (and the inclusion of rosewood), and in line with most UK dealers, twangCORP will be shipping to EU countries only for the foreseeable future. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Consequently our last export for the time being outside arrived in Canada just before the CITES deadline in December 2016. Thanks to our valued customers in Australia, Canada and the USA for their support in previous years.



for more details on the instruments listed.