Shipping Charge Increase

18th September 2017

UPS has dramatically raised its basic shipping charge by around 40%. This has been reflected in the price obtainable for both UK and overseas shipping via Transglobal, Interparcel or any of the other booking agents we use. To make matters worse UPS is also increasingly adding a further 'remote delivery charge' for what it considers 'out of town' destinations of around £21, as well as an additional £2.34 residential delivery charge! All that can be said to mitigate these increases is that other (reliable) couriers are generally still more expensive.

twangCORP has always kept shipping prices as low as possible, at cost price to us or less, while always sourcing the best couriers (to avoid the neglect and damage that can occur with cheaper companies). At this point, however, it is looking as if basic shipping within the UK will now be minimum of £30 depending on the destination, dimensions and value of the instrument. Shipping inclusive of insurance within the EU will vary country to country and location to location, but will typically now be a minimum of £70.

We are aware of couriers (no names) which offer budget services, but these seldom turn out to offer value. Too many of these companies are at best casual and at worst negligent with goods; damage being the norm rather than the exception. Likewise shipment tracking, even if offered, is seldom reliable. Then read the small print to find specific exclusions for musical instruments in the extended insurance terms.

And while twangCORP never seeks to make any profit on shipping (we often refund overpayments on estimated postage when too high), it is surely a false economy (for the sake of an extra few quid) to carefully pack and prepare a guitar for dispatch only to see it run over (or into) by a fork-lift truck, dropped five metres from a conveyor belt, dragged out of its packing (and case) and across a concrete floor, or thrown over a three metre fence and into a puddle because the delivery guy couldn't get an answer first time.

And yes, each of these above calamities have indeed befallen guitars sent to me over the years.

NOTE: Currently we do not ship outside of the EU because of the complication, charges, delays and additional documentation now required because of 2017 CITES regulations on rosewood. This has been a huge blow to twangCORP, as we have always regularly dealt with customers worldwide from St Petersburg to California, Newfoundland to Australia.