November update

After a period of relative quiet on the website, while selling a few through Reverb and Gumtree, I am about to start on reducing my own jazz 'collection'. But how does one sell guitars that have been so carefully curated? At the core of this (unintentional) 'collection' is a number of mainly first year Peerless guitars, which were bought by me as soon as it became clear the astounding quality that was coming out of the Peerless factory (after it cut back its production numbers following long term contracts with Epiphone, Gretsch etc.). And although many of the Peerless guitars are clearly influenced by Epiphone and Gretsch models, there are some very noteworthy originals as well - the Deep Blue perhaps being the most spectacular. Nevertheless the key to Peerless is the undoubted quality and commitment invested into these guitars, whatever the underlying infuence.

Keeping on the jazz theme, there are also 3 from the Aria FA series. These are from the other renowned Korean manufacturer Samick.