Ibanez PF344NCE Performance Series (c1995)
(nylon string cutaway version)

Very much a working guitar, with one owner from new. With a slightly narrower neck than standard classical guitars, it has been carefully set up with an easy action so moving to it from an electric guitar (or steel string acoustic) should not cause too many problems! This proved a really useful studio guitar, not least as it can be tweaked to accommodate high or medium tension strings, or light or heavy touch players, as it has a very responsive and easy access truss rod adjustment.

• Fingerboard: 22 fret Rosewood
• Guitar neck Scale Length: 25.5"
• Guitar Body: Laminate Indian Rosewood back and sides with high quality laminate Spruce top.
• Pickup:  Ibanez pre-amp and piezo bridge pickup.

Acoustically it has a surprisingly full sound and compares well with more expensive specialist nylon instruments. The top (although laminated) is of very high quality (at first glance it looks like a solid top), and sounds as rich as many solid topped instruments. Although less loud and resonant acoustically, the advantage of a laminated top is the sound is punchier, more balanced and not as prone to wolf notes and feedback when amplified; and the point of this instrument is to function as a user friendly electric-acoustic. The AEQ-30 pre-amp can produce a very wide range of sounds from folk to samba to jazz though all manner of amplifiers.

Primarily an occasional studio guitar, its condition reflects this. Look in the sunlight and you will spot clothes swirls and strum marks - but very little visible play wear despite the guitar being over 15 years old. In a couple of pics (particularly of the back of the head) there are reflections in the finish that appear to be marks - they are assuredly not! Similarly in the macro pic of the frets the fretboard binding appears to have moved, in fact it is just the way the binding lies against the wood grain at that point - there is no flaw or gap. The binding is absolutely solid at all points.

Set up to be an easy go to guitar for a non classical player. Non-existent to negligible fret wear. Frets buffed and fretboard lemon oiled prior to listing. No dings, damage or any other structural issues. High resolution pics available.

  • RATING: C (good overall condition for year, lightly played & ungigged)
  • PRICE: £175 (with gigbag)