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Peavey Reno 400 1982.
Apparently Merle Haggard's fave amplifier. 200w of clean, clean sound through a 15" speaker and horn.
(giveaway price £195).

Fender Showman 2x10 1983 (Rivera era).
This was the king of the solid state Fender amps. A massive 200w of power was enough to see it take on Mesa Boogie (which was apparently the aim). This was a step up on the Fender London, with a switchable Boogie-style graphic EQ and switchable FX loop. The four button foot switch took care of reverb and channel switching as well. Pull-push pots for tone shaping, this amp always attracted plenty interest on gigs. Clean as or dirty as you wish, with cascading gain on channel 2. Years ahead of its time, the rrp was almost £1000, but Fender amp buyers were a traditional lot in 1983! Discontinued when Rivera left Fender.
(provisional price £395)

Note: All electrical items will be checked and serviced where necessary before sale, guaranteed to work as described - but being a private sale item no warranty is implied.

if you are interested please contact twangCORP and you will be notified as soon as photographs and details become available

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