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A mini collection of 4 short lived late 90s DeArmond semis and jazz boxes in identical sunburst. Too good for their own good, they cut into the Guild USA sales and were discontinued:

DeARMOND (by Guild) STARFIRE IV (upgraded to STARFIRE V spec)

MIK (1999) Classic Buddy Guy style twin cut semi with USA Goldtone pickups. Blues monster with additional Guild logo Bigsby B6 (no holes in the top. original talipiece included) . (provisional price £595.00)

MIK (1999) Essentially a re-imagined Starfire III with added sustain block. The short-lived (discontinued) MIK Starfire Special comes with USA DeArmond 2k pickups as fitted to some of Gretsch 6120 models. Effortlessly slip between Rockabilly, Country, Kinks style power-pop and Garcia tinged psychedelia. (provisional price £595.00)

DeARMOND (by Guild) X-155 (upgraded)
MIK (1999) Guild X-165 replica. USA Goldtone humbucking pickups. With authentic Guild X-165 pickguard (original stepped deco style included) and USA Guild logo Bigsby (original tail included). A very worthy (and certainly more versatile) alternative to the ES295. Instant Jazz, Pop or Rockabilly mojo. (provisional price £675.00)

DeARMOND (by Guild) X-135 MIK (1999) Single USA Goldtone pickup 'Jazz-Purist' Herb Ellis style version of the X-155 (above). Seriously rare. (provisional price £450)

4 matching guitars stylishly cover all the fundamentals of America (Blues, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and Rock) for less than a new Gretsch!!

Sensible offers will be considered for the whole collection. It took time and effort putting this little lot together, so it does seems a shame to split these wonderful complementary guitars. Reclaim a spare room (or cupboard if necessary) for a worthy cause!!

Gordon Smith Galaxi (aka Galaxy)
UK (1983) Original issue of much lauded and recently re-issued hand built cult UK semi. Smokes the rivals. Outrageous value. Provenance to die for, with hand wound (by Kent Armstrong himself) pickups & a custom tone circuit designed and installed by Alan Entwhistle. Original GS pickups included. (provisional price £795) with custom upgrades)

Peerless PGC65
Parlour size 00 Gibson style acoustic in deluxe case.
(provisional price £425)

if you are interested please contact twangCORP and you will be notified as soon as photographs and details become available

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