the plank room

Contains solid electric guitars of all variations, specifications, makes and origins; including hybrid and chambered models and boutique workshop creations. Semi-acoustic (semi-hollow) guitars are more likely to be found in the box room.

The Plank room is currently hosting the last of my own Danectro collection which has been sold off in reluctant stages over the last decade or so. The last three being my favourite (and increasingly hard to find) reissue Dans from the late 90s - and particularly the Mod 7 seven string.

To whet your appetite here’s an excerpt from a knowedgable poster describing the differences between Dano originals & reissues on the Telecaster forum

‘There are three basic categories of Danelectro: original, first re-issue, and current re-issue. I have one original, and one re-issue (had two, but sold one). I've also played a bunch of the current re-issues in stores.

‘Original (1965): 1 11/16 at the nut, natural finish maple w/rosewood, c-shape, flat radius cheap (I mean cheap) 3-on-a-side tuners. Which still work fine, thank you very much.

‘1st re-issue: I had a 56 U2 which had a neck almost exactly like the '65, except that it was gloss painted and could get a little sticky when it was hot. Otherwise, the same. I also have a MOD 7. Neck specs are weird since it's a 7 string, (1 7/8" at the nut!) but very nice quality neck, natural not-too-gloss finish, comfortable c-shape, nice Gotoh mini sealed tuners, and a higher quality bridge with individual saddles. All in all, very good quality for the money. I've had it almost ten years, and it still looks like new.*

‘Current: Made in China (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that) and similar in quality and specs to the lower end 1st re-issues like the U2. I don't like the finish (total satin, hardware and all) but that's personal preference, not a quality issue.

‘None of the re-issues trades away quality just to be "retro" with the possible exception of the trem on the current ones. I don't think it's very good. In fact, the ones with upgraded hardware (Pro Series, Hodad, MOD 6 & 7, etc.) are much better than the originals. The stores seem to be full of the current ones (around here at least) so go try a few to see if you like the sound.

‘My pick for best Danelectro: MOD 6 (if you can find one)**

‘If you wanna surf: Hodad w/Bigsby’***

Dan German (tpdri forum)

(*) We’ve got one of them!

(**) We’ve got that one too!!

(***) And the Hodad WITH with the original D logo Digsby!!!

The Tele image is a link to thumbnail descriptions of guitars scheduled to be listed, but yet to be photographed and appraised. Contact twangCORP if you see anything that interests you.

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