Danelectro Mod 6 (c2000)

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Thrill to the sound of our 60's "tone-a-delic" guitar.
The Mod combines the best of both worlds...
The drive and power of a humbucker with the sweetness and richness of two Lipsticks.
Exclusive Select-O-Matic switching plus coil tap switch provides eleven distinct tone variations.
Gotoh tuners and adjustable bridge. Like owning eleven monster guitars in one!

The Select-O-Matic pickup selector has six positions:
1-Neck/Bridge, 2-Neck, 3-Neck/Middle, 4-middle, 5-Middle/Bridge, 6-Bridge
The Blow Switch:
Bypasses the rotary switch and turns all 3 pickups on at once in series which gives the DC-3 a 7th setting above and beyond the Select-O-Matic switch for a no holds barred blast of tone! Thus, when the "Blow Switch" is clicked on, the Dano is significantly louder than with any one or two pickup combinations. This makes playing leads an easier chore as the guitar is automatically louder when the Blow Switch is engaged and automatically goes back to the settings you had previously on the guitar when you flip it back to the original position.
Tuning the Mod 7 String
(see other listings for a Mod 7): Seven string guitars are tuned the same way as a six string except that they have an additional low B string.


Body:  Hardboard top and bottom with plywood frame. 
Neck:  Hard maple with rosewood fingerboard. Scale: 25” 
Frets: 21  Body Width: 42mm  Headstock Width: 15.5mm  Nut Width: 40mm
Action: 1.6mm high 'E' / 1.8mm low 'E'
Pickups: 2 Original style brass tube w/chrome plating / 1 Lipstick Double Coil
Magnet: Original formula 50’s style Alnico magnet.

Limited play time, bought as specialist studio guitar. Some light marks in finish as would be expected and slight fading of hardware as would be expected. Usual Dano characteristic of slight edge tape lifting on tight concave bend on cutaway - I have never had a Dano that hasn't done this (in fact even when brand new). I always just leave it. Detailed pics available on request.

  • RATING: B (very good overall & ungigged condition for year, one owner, lightly played with original Dano tweed gigbag)
  • PRICE: £375 (with Danelectro gigbag)