guitars soon to be listed in the plank room

Yamaha Pacifica (Mike Stern) MS1511
c1994 (Japan). The real thing - early edition (now vintage) solid artist model, beautiful weight and balance, can only appreciate. (provisional price: £750 - less that 50% of the latest MS1611, with weight adjusted body)

Framus Renegade Custom
1999 (Germany) Custom Shop Framus. Transparent burgundy finish with some characteristic lacquer lines. Wilko Trem. Ovangkol Neck, Ebony FB, OEM (SD?) pickups including bridge quad rail motherbucker. Fender's custom shop don't make 'em like this!! Amazing. (provisional price: £595)

Godin Artisan ST
1990 (Canada) Vintage high spec ST style custom prototype model. Resonant limewood body with top quality electronics and versatile switching options. Natural play wear gives cool light relic patina. (provisional price £495).

if you are interested please contact twangCORP and you will be notified as soon as photographs and details become available

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