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terms & conditions (detail)

twangCORP is a private website, and I do my utmost to provide a courteous, efficient and professional service at all times. But this is a not a shop, and there may occasionally be delays in answering queries.

1) I guarantee all guitars to be as described, and encourage buyers to try them out first if at all possible! Sometimes I list my instruments on ebay, but fee changes have meant this has become less attractive of late. Please check out twangCORP's genuine 100% feedback over several diligent years...

2) In the unlikely event of a guitar not matching the description, UK buyers only may arrange pre-agreed returns within 3 days of receipt. Return carriage remains the buyer's responsibility and guitars must reach here in the condition they left. On safe receipt I will refund the initial price and initial postage charge. For international buyers I will do my utmost to remedy any issue, but I cannot refund international postage so be sure to ask all questions and get the fullest description before buying.

3) If damage has occurred during shipping customers should contact me immediately with pics so I can pursue the courier.

4) I strongly advise customers to ask all questions before purchasing, request more pics or (better still) come and check the instrument first. I am only too willing to help. I have had no problems with any of my sales from this website, and that's how I want it to stay.

1) UK only payment can be by bank transfer, cheque, cash, PayPal* or PayPal e-check.

2) PayPal* is recommended for international purchases as it gives additional buyer protection as well as being cheaper in most cases than bank transfer.

Sales Terms
1) No shipment can be made until funds clear into our bank account whatever payment method used, no exceptions.

2) PayPal* transfers are NOT cleared funds, although it is getting quicker with clearing payments - typically 24/48 hours. Buyers are informed when funds clear, and the order progressed in the expectation funds will clear.

Postage & Packing
1) I generally use UPS via Transglobal Express or Interparcel depending on carton size, destination and insurance requirements. I also use DHL and Fed Ex if a better deal is on offer. Although recent price rises (September 2017) have made shipping considerably more expensive I do not recommend using cheaper generic carriers for guitars, as the risk and worry factor is simply too high!

2) All shipping quotes include packing charges & FULL INSURANCE.

*Note: PayPal is strictly by prior arrangement, as although it has many advantages for the buyer, the seller gets hit with a hefty fee. twangCORP operates on low margins and the PayPal fee can kill a deal (especially if international shipping is involved). To keep it fair for both buyer and seller if PayPal is to be used twangCORP will charge an extra 2% on the final total price, including shipping, which splits the PayPal fee 50:50 between buyer and seller.

This is a more sensible (and equitable) solution than not using PayPal at all. From experience even with this 2% surcharge it is still more cost effective to use PayPal than use international bank transfer when exchange rates are involved. It also provides the buyer with additional purchase security, as well as credit card access, that bank transfer fees generally do not. PayPal is a very useful service, it is simply too expensive for sellers at the moment.

modus operandi (overview)

- I will answer all questions asap, and take more detailed pics on request.

- I always search for the best postage service & price.

- Viewing by appointment is encouraged. (Skype is also available).

- All guitars are set up before dispatch if needed (unless stated).

- All guitars include at least a serviceable gigbag; many have cases or professional gigbags. I NEVER send an instrument unprotected!!

- All guitars are dispatched fully insured within courier-proof packaging.
- Customers are given a direct e-mail and contact number. It's a personal service.

- Payment can be by bank transfer (BACS), PayPal e-check, PayPal*, cheque or cash on collection.

- PayPal* is recommended for international purchases or new customers as it gives additional buyer protection, although cheaper for international payments than bank transfer.

- International bank transfers OK as long as the buyer covers all fees (and I receive the correct amount into the account)!

* For full payment info, terms and conditions see below (particularly with regard to PayPal)


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