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usa peavey generation & cropper (tele style)

This 'mini collection', mainly comprising USA made Peavey Generations, is now marked for re-releasing into the world. The S1 is a standard Tele format, the S3 are into Nashville thinline territory.

  • PEAVEY USA GENERATION S3 HIPSHOT CUSTOM (Rare Factory Hipshot Special with tone chambers / 3pu / c1992)
  • PEAVEY USA GENERATION S3 (Black stain maple top with tone chambers / 3pu / c1992
  • PEAVEY USA GENERATION S3 (Quilted maple top with tone chambers / 3pu / c1992)

Not sure if all of the above USA Gen S3s will make to Reverb, so let us say
'potential' listings!

reverb shop | future sales announced here

All future sales will be listed on this page first before moving to our Reverb shop. It might be weeks or months before it lands on Reverb, so if you see something that interests you please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will provide as much info as we can (and pics too).

all twangCORP sales to go through our reverb shop

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Special 1st year Peerless Renaissance thinline alongside boutique USA ToneSmith 320 dlx and Custom Shop USA Hamer Monaco III (Phat Kat) are awaiting your inspection...